STEM Learning Wheel

With thanks to David Hill, Portsmouth University


With thanks to RAEng and Centre for Real Life Learning, Winchester University

Engineering Habits of Mind (EHoM) were introduced to the STEM curriculum in some schools within the Multi Academy Trust five years ago, with the aim of increasing the capability and interest level of pupils within STEM subject domains. Initially the desired outcome of our STEM curriculum was to increase the number of pupils choosing to continue their education and careers within currently un-popular STEM subjects. The GFM are now cascading EHoM across the curriculum.

EHoM are now considered integral to both the effectiveness of the learner and teacher, across a range of subject domains within the MAT and are not considered skills limited to STEM subjects. They help to shape thinking processes and structure problem solving in a range of situations and subjects.

Our engineering design wheel enables thorough application of the EHoM skills within learning and aims to replicate the process used in engineering based careers when designing solutions to a multitude of situations and problems.