Gosport STEM Centre


STEM Matters

We love STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) in the GFM!

It underpins our daily lives, drives economic growth, plays a critical role in addressing major global challenges and helps ensure our readiness for the future, from providing a sustainable supply of food, water and clean energy, to advancing healthcare, supporting our mobility, connecting us digitally and keeping us safe and secure. Some GFM learners will be the engineering innovators of the future. Therefore, we commit curriculum time to STEM for our KS2, Y7 and Y8 learners. GFM STEM Curriculum endeavours are fundamental in helping to futureproof the next generation of engineers. The GFM uses its curriculum to engage its learners with 'Thinking Like an Engineer' by using Engineering Habits of Mind (EHoM) and Gosport Futures. Our curriculum seeks to increase opportunities for pupils to apply EHoM across different contexts and prepare them for jobs that are yet to exist. Introducing our young people to local STEM-related options, post-school career, will encourage them into the local workforce and/or widen their understanding of STEM-related prospects.

For more information about our STEM Curriculum please visit here or work your way around this site.