Photo Diary

Lego Workshop November 2022

The students were excited to have a Lego workshop delivered by Stephen Shaw from Lego to discuss EHOM (engineering habits of mind). This opportunity gave them the chance to look at fabricated engineering and also to use their imagination to build their own designs of success. The feedback from students were that they throroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot about team work which helped them with their Gosport Futures and the GFM Way.

3D Printer December 2022

We have purchased 2 flashforge 3D printers for both Brunepark and Bayhouse to enahnce the learning of our young people in their STEM lessons as this will give them the opportunity to be able to see their work being made in 3D and look at further developing their ideas.

Google Digital Garage and Next Gen IT - Online Safety Event 2020

Would you like to know more on how to keep your family safe online?

The Next Gen IT, in partnership with Google Digital Garage, is ran a workshop on the subject at the Gosport STEM Centre.

Tuesday 3rd March a presentation was given with the aim is to raise awareness of the risks children face online and how to deal with these challenges.

What we learnt:

- Basic introduction to online safety

- Keep your children safe online

- Having helpful conversations about online safety with your children

Thank you Laila Edge for helping to arrange this event.

This half term our students are using Spike Prime Lego sets to build various projects and code them to make them perform basic functions. The first project they made was Kiki the dog, they built her and coded her so that when she faces certain coloured objects she made noises. The students then went on to think about how they could improve on Kiki's design and some added a motor and a tail so she could wag her tail when interacting with a certain object- in this case a yellow block representing a fridge!

GFM Digital Ambassadors attend

Summer Inter-Schools STEM Day 2019

at the Bourne Community College

Mrs Digby and Mr Mulhall took fourteen GFM Digital Ambassadors from Bay House and Gomer Junior School took part in building robots and a range of experiments on Tuesday 4 June 2019. The GFM won several competitions including Robot Football, Robot Sumo and recognition for demonstrating the STEM habits of bind through their teamwork.

Scott Atkinson, Education Programme Manager from the Royal Academy of Engineering recognised their ability to be creative and problem solve, presenting four Gomer students with drones.

Staff Training

Imagine - make a duck....

Test and Evaluate

Gosport Common Day Closure

Plan - select a design that seems the best solution

Gomer STEM Enrichment

Fidget Spinner Learning



1851 Trust

Girls in STEM


Launch of First Sea bin

TES STEM Team of the Year 2018

2018 Winners

Follow-up interview...

Gomer Junior School

LWS Rolls-Royce Finalists 2018

LWS was chosen from over 2000 original entries to the Rolls-Royce competition and came second in the final field of six, the first special school to do so in the history of the competition. As runners-up, the school received a fabulous trophy of a small jet engine replica and £5,000 toward sustaining a legacy of STEM. To achieve this level of recognition and reward is outstanding and demonstrates that through innovation and creativity in the curriculum we can achieve anything we wish to aspire toward.