'The GFM is proud and pleased to have built the Gosport STEM Centre because of the opportunities it will bring to the young people of the town and the wider community. The Gosport STEM centre was officially opened on , Friday 1 March 2019 , by the Rt Hon Damian Hinds MP, Secretary of State for Education. It is the only STEM centre in the country based within a school, with the National STEM Centre based in York. It therefore puts Gosport on the national map for the initiative it demonstrates in how our schools are moving forward with STEM related teaching. There are so many employment opportunities in the local area connected with STEM industry and so we are committed to understanding how an engineer thinks and works being a significant part of our provision in our schools.'

"The Gosport STEM Centre is going to truly inspire a generation of future engineers living in our community!"

Mr Dan Willis

“STEM enthuses students to learn about solving real world problems, using a range of skills which is very exciting.”

Mr Luke Mulhall

"The number of jobs involving STEM continues to increase and so this centre will impact considerably in preparing young people for such employment."

Mr I Potter

GFM Digital Ambassadors Interview

The Rt Hon Damian Hinds,

Secretary of State for Education.

The Rt Hon Damian Hinds, Secretary of State for Education opens the Gosport Stem Centre.

GFM Digital Ambassadors Interview

Caroline Dinenage,

Member of Parliament for Gosport.

Royal Navy

Controlling robots with iPads.

Q: How do you think this event will impact the future of STEM Careers?

A: It will give students a boost into the engineering world and a headstart in their careers.

Q: Do you think this event will impact the look on STEM?

A: STEM subjects can sometimes feel dry in the classroom but going into a place like this is really empowering seeing people like the Navy come in.

Q: As jobs involving STEM continue to increase, how beneficial do you think this event will be today?

A: I think that anything that raises awareness of science, technology, engineering and maths is really beneficial because we are currently short of people in these professions so if we can promote the younger generation to go into these careers then it would be very useful.

Daytime Fireworks mark the opening of

the Gosport STEM Centre


Pupils from Bay House and Brune Park controlling robots using iPads to navigate them around the track.

Interview with Mr Nigel Ducan, Principle and Chief Executive of Fareham College and GFM Board Member.

Interview with Dr Nige Matthias, Headteacher of Bay House School and Sixth Form & Mr Simon Harris (Right), Headteacher of Crofton School.